Wow I never knew I would be sitting here talking about a real post. Over the last few weeks, you've seen some of today's greatest bloggers. Some all about wit, design, and art. And now I would like to say that I will be bringing back the Bloggers of The Net column. I have already assembled a list, and I have 2 of my 4, yes I am going to 4 new people come later June/July. Yes! Well if you think that's too far off, then sorry. But it does take time for me to think of questions and research the actual blogger so I know what key points to ask them on. You'll enjoy it. I recently did a small tidbit on Cannes Film Festival and now I'm just going to break into news!
Versace doll? That does not look like Donnatella cept for the dreary eyes. Yes, Versace is putting out a doll in accordance with Armani having done so already.
- Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani has agreed to help Thailand's bid to transform itself into an international fashion hub, an official said. I guess he's going to Bangkok. No pun intended.
Harry Potter smashed UK's movie charts by earning a 9.3 million dollars in a day. Wow, and in America, it's like 100 million is the record.
Pamela Anderson says on a new special on E!, I believe, she has been exploited. I guess by her being Pamela Anderson in nude videos, and Playboy. She thinks exploited close to millions in dollars.
On Friday, the Chicago-based R&B singer appealed to a judge to allow Kelly to travel in support of his double CD Happy People/U Saved Me, expected to drop July 13. I guess the soulman will be "touching" the sky. I know he's been thinking about it every single night. And now they might be throwing out the tape?
Michael Moore's award-winning documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" will hit theaters June 25.
Dr. Phil over the cuckoo's nest?
A civil judgment ordering rapper Sean "P. Diddy" Combs to pay $450,000 to a man who claimed he was beaten by bodyguards has been overturned by the North Carolina Court of Appeals It's a conspiracy I tell yah. I mean Martha couldn't be that perfect so they canned her. And now the next top perfect person, is in hot water too.
Britney has been approved for concert in China, her outfits may not be. Oh so sad.
Former President BILL CLINTON will sit down with CBS' DAN RATHER on June 20 for his first interview about his memoir, My Life.
Usher is still Number One Album on charts.
Julia Roberts is expecting twins. Meaning one will have the talent the other will just look like them. Hmmm, makes you wonder about The Olsen twins.
And yes, you're not dreaming, Fantasia Barrino was crowned AMERICAN IDOL.
Wow that was action packed.
And in Smallville Chloe Dies. I'm unsure if she is dead. Hoping.
Later this week!:
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