I promised but Ari of adjacent could not be held back. She is just a real, punny Canadian with a love for pop culture. She totally deserves to be taken seriously, and with the cult following and great blog she should have been considered for like Ms. Universe.
Hey how long have you been doing your blog?

I've had my blog since January 2001, so i guess that makes it over three years old. As for my domain, adjacent.ca, I've only had that since November 2003.

What made you start up an awesome idea like Men and Geeks?

i think what largely contributed to its conception was my longstanding attraction to the male species. i never really went through a "cooties" phase like most girls did where they avoided boys at all costs; i was the one chasing them down and kissing their cheeks. (if that was you i pinned down on the grass and sexually harassed in the autumn of 1988, i profusely apologize.) as for the "geeks" section of that site, i created that to make known the fact that dorks can be pretty hot, too. David Schwimmer, anyone? rawr.

What about Dullsville?

"dullsville" is sort of a strange project for me because it involves continuously watching a show that i am pretty much sick of. What keeps me coming back is my unyielding support of the bashing of sappy shows (e.g., "Dawson's creek"). It's not to say that i completely hate "smallville"; i do enjoy the Superman mythology behind it. Recently, though, i haven't had the time to update the site.

What made you interested in blogging?

I've always had a journal, diary -- or whatever those young'uns are calling them nowadays -- since i have been able to write, so having an online journal or blog seemed like the next step to me. i remember having a diary at the beginning of grade one. Here's an excerpt from it, actually:
dear diary, i have to go to school tomorrow. blah!! i wish, oh, i wish that billy's going to be in my class. from now on, i will sleep beside my teddy bear, wilson, jr. i will cuddle with him just like i would do with billy! well, i have not much to write down. bye! p.s. sorry i didn't write in you yesterday.
it's sort of sad to realize that my writing style hasn't changed much in the course of fifteen years.

Have you ever felt unsafe due to putting info about yourself online?

not really. i don't think I'm that much of an attractive or interesting person that anyone would take the time out of their schedules to dig up my information and find me. But I'm also not one to plaster my home address and telephone number all over my website. On a similar note, in the past, i sometimes got flack from friends i knew in real life when i wrote certain things about them. I've had a couple of friends discover my hidden loathing of them through my website. i try not to divulge too much personal information of that sort anymore.

A lot of people seem to link you and think the world of you, how did you get a cult following?

wow, i have a cult following? This is news to me. Quick, call my high school principal! I'm definitely attending my ten-year high school reunion now! Joking aside, I'm actually quite glad that a lot of people seem to enjoy what i have to say.

What rough patches have you hit, beside Dullsville hosting being quickly moved :( ?

my old host whom i love to pieces, Charz of implosive.nu, went through some problems with her host server, resulting in the loss of a few of my short writing pieces that I've never managed to retrieve (my dad, at the same time, accidentally wiped out my computer's hard drive), not that they were masterpieces or anything. There was also a whole month that i couldn't access my website -- i went through weblogging withdrawal. That's when i finally urged myself to purchase a domain.

Does your bandwith get hammered with that music section?

not too much. bloghosts.com offers 5 gb of monthly bandwidth and I've found that to be sufficient in keeping the music section alive on my site. There have been cases where people have directly linked an mp3 from my website to play in the background of their asianavenue.com page or whatever, but it didn't result in too much bandwidth trouble. (you see, I'm talking about bandwidth like i totally understand what it is. i just sort of have the general idea that i can't go over it every month.)

What do you think draws you in readers?

honestly, i have no idea. i didn't start keeping on online journal simply for the readership, so i tried to write unabashedly in all of my entries. That may be something people like to continuously read; i know that's what keeps me reading certain blogs.

Have you read Keeping Up With The Guide prior?

I've seen the link on people's sites in the past, and I've read a bit of it. i love pop culture commentary, so sites like this easily get me hooked.

Who inspires you, makes you want to get up and blog?

do you mean people on the internet who also blog or people i know in real life who inspire me to blog? For the former, i really don't have anyone that i look up to online, mostly because I'm not very sure who is considered "inspirational" or "cool" in the weblogging community as of late. I've never been good with following the times, which is why I'm still wearing headbands and puff-paint shirts. For the latter group, i would have to say no one, as well, because i can't say with all honesty that anyone i know in real life forces me to write. Well, unless you count the stinky hobos lurking around my university campus -- but i just like to bitch about them.

Who have you met in life from this experience called the "net"?

I've never met anyone in real life that I've met on the internet. Although i don't believe that i assume an alter-ego through my online existence, i still get the feeling that two people who can speak volumes with each other online will never connect the same way in real life. i know a lot of people can challenge that view with their own personal experiences, but I'm still a little bit wary of the idea. i have made a few good friends through blogging, and maybe one day i will work up the nerve to finally meet them face to face, without the awkward silences.

Have you ever been mistaken and then criticized?

this has happened to me on a certain message board that i used to frequent. i would always reply to people sarcstically and sometimes even add fuel to arguments, but i would never intentionally try to insult people. It happened one time that some people voiced their opinion of me as a "know-it-all", and since then I've tried to be less argumentative and more accepting of other people's views online.

If you could change the world, how would you go about it?

first, i would rent an ice cream truck. Then, i would get one of those ice cream man hats, the white one with the points at the front and back. Finally, i would drive around third-world countries, playing the ice cream truck songs and handing out free ice cream to all the little children. Screw abolishing the third-world debt -- everyone loves the ice cream man!

Name your top 5 watched TV shows? (sorry need to get some entertainment biz in there)
the simpsons
buffy the vampire slayer
csi: crime scene investigation
sex and the city
the sopranos
What are your opinions on church and state aka gay marriage?

i try not to get involved with political debates too much (from previous disastrous experiences), but i strongly support people's right to marry whomever they choose. Fifty years ago, people believed that mixing blacks and whites at school and even on a bus was "unnatural". Human beings are notorious for being wrong. What's next? People calling Harry potter "satanic"? Oh, wait...


At 3:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, Ari is haWt. And she wasn't lying about not meeting web people. I live down the street from her and have been up in her neighborhood numerous times. I've asked her out for a drink and photo shoot (all good web whores like me walk around with cameras) NUMEROUS times and have been denied NUMEROUS times. She will forever be an international woman of mystery.

/Jayden (randominity.com Jayden)


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