With only 3 hours left in the 24 world. I will be here to cover the final two. I will not cover the season finale but link sites that had coverage.
A Wrinkle In Time sucked sadly. The special effects even made me want to scream "low budget". I mean they could have made calvin's* character a special effect and saved a couple thousand. (*The hot male actor from Everwood!)


Man that place hits those 3 movies on the nose! Woody Allen, I thought he died after that movie where he goes blind. Hollywood something? I've noticed Debra Messing has been subtly in more films, as a little indie icon. And I bet they still pay her 1-2 digit in the millions.

Will and Grace the next Friends
The Simple Life 2 the next Simple Life 1 but less funnier

Have I been in another rut? You won't believe the news tomorrow!


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