Brad Pitt was nude in like 4 scenes. Orlando Bloom looked ugly. Brad's love interest looked like a rape victim. I fell in love with Helen Of Troy's eyes and mane. The father of Paris and Hector talked like he recently had a stroke. Blood was in full effect. You could tell when images were animated. Brad Pitt Matrixy jumps with a spear and shield. Rating: 3/5. I did not waste 4.00 to see Brad Pitt nude, I can get that off KaZaa.
Alias review tonight.
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There you guys go.
Second part of the interview season will be coming soon.
Oh and people feel free to IM me : thrawted rust

Alias review tonight. Yes it was confirmed, Alias and 24 will not have any new episodes until January 2005. That leaves 20 rerun free episodes.


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