Today I thought I would examine myself if I were to be a mother.

My daughter would hate me because as I would be making her lunch, I'd be putting little notes, the ones my peers got but my mother refused to write.
My daughter would be put on Atkin's diet after she was off the breastmilking, I see how babies can become fat.
My daughter would be mad at me when I would force her to actually kiss my mother, her grandmother at family reunions.
My daughter would be a sweet girl who turns into a bitter woman later on, as it is rumored your baby is what your parents were.
My daughter would know how to spell EMO, SADDLE CREEK, ALIAS DVD, and UBERVAMP before she began to teethe.
My daughter would be dressed in black, because I do not want a yellow/pink wearing mug of a daughter.
My daughter would resent me and hate me all in the end.

And that's why I'm having a son.


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