Chloe dies. Lionel is going to rot in hell. Possibility Lana is coming back. Clark is naked in a blue goo. Lex is no longer friends with Clark. Kara had a pimple between her eyes. Clark's father has a hot voice. Overall: Lana had just showered hair. Clark got on my nerves for being so gullible. It bored me when they played the requiem-ish music.

Oh my fucking god, the whole episode went fast, I kind of thought Joss just threw the episode down and let people screw with it. Most of the episode was the Hamilton/Angel fight, Wesley died so abruptly and suddenly, and I just bawled when Illyria became Fred, when she truly showed feelings and showed the demon what a little girl can do. I loved the fact that the end 4 were so willing to stand, and I just wished that it could have been Fred who killed the demon, and said an innocent quote. I wanted to see the fight and I hated the end. I will miss Joss. He will be making a Firefly movie though and working on a comic series. I think Xmen. Overall: Ending sucked, Amy Acker shined, the Wolf ram and Hart was awesome. Spike got his appraise. Lorne did some dirty work.


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