Part of what I promised was a 3 part column based on the bloggers that fascinate me and seem to be all in a category of their own. Each with a great talent and projects backing them up. This week's is the Intensifying Rachel which can be found here. She was more than willing and eager to do an interview and I was astonished to get her. I wanted to do her for so long. That should be rephrased.

The Intensifying Wit of Rachel
> Who inspires you as a weblogger?
I suppose I look to all those 'popular' bloggers for inspiration (i.e. dooce.com, kottke.org, airbag.ca). But really, as cheesy as it sounds, every blog I've ever read gives me tips on how to improve my own weblog, even the sucky ones. ESPECIALLY the sucky ones, actually, because I think, 'Hey, that sucks, don't ever do that on Intensify.'

> Do you ever feel discouraged by the internet; people on the internet?
I'm not exactly sure what you mean by this, but yes, there are some poopheads on the 'net.

> How long have you been sharing your thoughts and a member of Two Guys A Girl and Alias?
Ah, the Alias blog. That was totally Nick's idea (Nick from ferociouscheese.com). He pitched it to me sometime before Season 3, and I posted the first entry on September 4, 2003, so that's how long I've been involved with that. I love me some Alias.

> If you don't mind me asking, how do you feel about gay marriage?
Whoa, loaded question. I pretty much answered that here Basically, I support it.

> Would you say you're relatively "famous" on the net?
I would say that I've gotten to know a lot more awesome people through my site than I ever thought I would, and that's good enough for me.

> What's the creepiest outcome of having a website?
Having people ask me for interviews. Ha. Well, if you think about it, the whole concept of a personal weblog is kind of voyeuristically creepy - someone publishes their thoughts and daily happenings for literally anyone to read, and that someone has no idea who's reading, in many cases.

> Do you recommend any particular blogging tool, and/or design tool?
I swear by Adobe Photoshop and Movable Type.

> Have you read Keeping Up With The Guide prior to this?
Nope, sorry.

> What do you hope to be accomplished by the time you have kids?
Hopefully I'll be married and not completely poor.

> What technology helps you in everyday life (ie: toaster)
The flushable toilet.

> In 10 words tell me your greatest desire?
Big powdery scrumtrillescent oxen head fabulous animaniac Shakespearean stovetop box.


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