Dear ITunes,

Now I don't use the Ipod as much as everyone and their mom may, but I do love the interface of your playlist station and I was just thinking, would you love to collab with Kazaa and make theirs look better? I sure as hell know millions who would love to see some new fresh interface with Tahoma 9pt as the font and some great scrollbar thinger. You get me?

Dear RIAA,

Oh no. I was not in any way, shape or form trying to contract a company to help another company who p2ps millions of people around the world, music. No sir re, not me.

Dear Lindsay Lohan,

As I've noticed, you have the cleavage that equal to my usually flat chested mother in her third child pregnancy stage. I mean WOWZA, if I was a man, I'd be using one cheesy line to get into your pants and rub lips with your mammary glands.

To my visitors,
I've kind of been in a rut lately, maybe it's emotional, possibly it's just out of lack of motivation. But it's a rut. So Alias will be reviewed tonight, well you'll will see it Monday, and today will be Open Letters. I might start doing a scheduling thinger, so people know when to tune in, like Monday is ALIAS day, Wednesday is 24 review day, you see?

Sincerely, Eunae.


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