I missed Alias and 24 but here are some KUWTG news:

Will And Grace raked in 20.5 million viewers on their season finale, reported to be best since November 02.
Brad suggests Jen wouldn't frown if he had a one nighter with Pop Princess herself, Ms. Spears. As well, Brad and Jen confirmed trying for a baby.

Gore bought a tv station from Vivendi. It will be geared to 18-30 demographic.

The world's top five music companies yesterday agreed to pay $US50 million ($A70 million) in unclaimed royalties.

Thousands of artists, including such stars as David Bowie and Dolly Parton will benefit from the agreement, which followed a two-year investigation by New York Attorney-General Eliot Spitzer's office.

It found that many performers and writers had not received royalties because the music companies had been negligent about maintaining contact with them

That is the Guides highlights today.


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