I had to interview one of my favorite artists on the net, Kyle, he can be found here. Kyle is a man, that intrigued me and was nothing far from inspirational and fun. He was supposed to be the final chapter in Blogees Of The Net column, but I think I will continue it.
Spark Up A Word with Kyle
So what made you pick up blogging?
It was more of an exercise in discipline than anything
else. I'd tried keeping a journal numerous times
before, and sucked at it. This way my friends far away
and (cool factions of the) extended family could ride
my ass to keep it updated.

Do you find it raw that every little morsel of detail
you post, so many can access and take it from you?

I don't think people TAKE things from me, I think they
take things away from what I say, just like I do with
other people's journals. It's a way of expressing
yourself, and sharing yourself. I'm a big fan of the

Have you ever been copied, (ie: design, art, actual

John at iioii.org clued me in one day that a Frat at
Purdue was using one of my images to promote one of
their charity dances. I was really confused, but got
in touch with the frat - someone had given them an
image and they'd mistaken it for clipart. They were
really apologetic, but again, big fan of the share.
What am I going to do, deny a gay frat the right to
use one of my images to raise money for HIV
prevention? Please.

What made you decide to post your wonderfully
brilliant photos and more importantly art?

I'd hardly say my photos are brilliant - they're just
pretty things i see if i happen to have my camera. As
for the art ... Well, I'm a feedback whore. I'm a
comment addict. Plus, drawing is part of me, and big
part of how i express myself, it seems just as natural
to me as writing anything else down.

Do you think the net is now more open to openly gay

I wasn't aware it was ever closed off -- the majority
of blogs I read are gay themed, if anything I think
blogging is one of the greatest things a gay teenager
has. An anonymous field of information, experiences,
and ideas to cull information from. I pretty routinely
get letters from 15ish year old kids asking me
questions or voicing a curiosity about something. It
was really weird at first, but I really enjoy talking
to them. All I had when I was coming out was porn
online, I'd kill for some of the pages that exist now
to have been on back then.

What were the hassles earlier when you were blogging?
I started my journal as a pure HTML site, and I HATE
HTML. Loathe it. I'm so happy that Moveable Type
exists, and that I have some net savvy friends to set
stuff up for me. I'm just dreadful at coding.

How long have you been blogging?
Wow. Over 2 years now. I started before my 21st
birthday, and here I am at 23...

How have you clinically died twice?
I was born super-premature. 6 weeks early, in a stage
when my lungs weren't developed fully. I was a bubble
baby. Got the last rights twice, the whole thing, but
I'm stubborn.

What are your feelings towards gay marriage?
Church and State bitches. Church. And. State.
Hopefully in 50 years people my age will view this
battle the way i look at Brown V. The Board of
Education - with disbelief.

Why do you often quote one of the best cult TV shows

I identify with the Buffyverse a lot, and while i
think bloggers quoting song lyrics is pretty pathetic,
I have no problem posting quotes from BTVS (or other
films/TV shows) to somewhat passive aggressively
address issues. It's great writing, and if it can say
something better than I can, then why not?

In 10 words describe the things good that came out of
being a blogger?

Connections, communications, friendships, experiences,
ideas, release, comfort, humility, and growth.

Do you see yourself doing this 5 years down the road?
Why or why not?

I do. I get too much thrill looking back at my posts
from a year ago, let alone how valuable they'll be 5
years from now. I don't know if I'll post so
frequently, but I still will in some form. I get kinda
miffed when I go to someone's site (like a singer's)
and find it journal-less. I forget not everyone does

Do you have some advice you'd give to the people that
read this?

If you don't keep a journal, give it a shot. I know a
lot of people who have secret journals from their
friends and find it a great release. On a broader
advicey scope - um, remember where you're going, why
you wanted to go there in the first place, and take a
look around to make sure you're where you need to be.

Do you find age matters when expressing points or

Some things are age and experience specific, just how
it is. You're not going to write to a virgin for sex
advice, and you're not going to talk to a 14 year old
when you're dealing with impending college graduation.
But i think a lot of stuff is fair game. Life is life,
we all live it.

Bush or Kerry?
Kerry. I think Bush needs his own island like that
Napoleon fellow.


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haha i love the part " I think Bush needs his own island like that Napoleon fellow."



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