Helter Skelter review and two "big" stations tv announcements:
Helter Skelter also in japanese!
Helter Skelter, was in all a word/phrase Charles Manson created to represent a view he thought was what many hid from him. The movie adapted from the acclaimed story, was anything in itself but pure and satirical fact. The whole time, I felt the movie might have been false, because me, never being born in 60's and early 70's was to learn of Charles Manson. I heard about him on VHI or E, and now it seems I have met him, or a well adapted version. The movie most of the time followed 5 of his closet followers, until it became 4, and then 3 and then many living in deserts with their children and stolen arsony and vehicles. This may be one of the only Helter Skelter blog reviews on the net, as I'm unsure if many wanted to go over past/already known history. Manson is rumored to be up for parole again before 2010, which wouldn't be the first parole chance. Oh and what does Helter Skelter mean? It was what he called a coming war, between blacks and whites. Him and his followers were alledged going to hide in a bore hole in the desert called the "bottomless pit" until it was over. Deranged? Yes. True? Yes. And to top it off, these people thought him hippie or even Christ.

No new Alias episodes will be shown in 2004. That either means it's coming in 2005 or it might be on a hold. Life With Bonnie was even added to the scrapheap with the Jessica Simpson show.
Tony Randall dies at 84 today.
Martha Stewart's tv show has been suspended for next season. YES! I told you all no woman could be that perfect. Insider trading. *throws head back with evil laugh*
NBC lineup
Last week 13 Going On 30 has totaled up a respective 42.5 million dollars*

*subject to change with newest figure


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