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I'm back. The thing I had to do was finished early. News:

May 15th: Happy Birthday to Apple Blythe Alison Martin. Sounds like she was eating an apple, playing with a blythe doll, trying to think of an American girls name while saying "Mrs. Martin." Great name.
Christophe does not like the way the city mayor manages the city, spends the public money and says it on his blog, every day. He has been very successful doing that, with hundreds of inhabitants of Puteaux reading and commenting his blog everyday and many national newspapers that talked about his blog.
Christophe criticizes the city management so much that they have tried to stop him for months, the city mayor has even sent him threats over the phone that he recorded and blogged, of course.

Today, he has been stopped in the street by the Police Municipale (the local French Police) who tried to arrest him for his blogging. Fortunately for Christophe, the National Police arrived immediately as they found what was happening weird, and let him go.
*erases that critical quote on the whole ugly side of Rumsfield*

Powell says a pullout in Iraq is not likely.
smallest cellphone!'


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