Can I just say wow? I read that JJ had threw the old script out, but I mean, really now, that was the best he had to offer? If Spy Daddy is evil, it will ruin what I've known and loved forever. That's the fact that Jack may be bitter and mean, he still has the sincerest feelings for a daughter he controlled into being a child gun cocking, spy girl. Lauren died, and they break into a kiss, then she pulls a get up slowly and dies again. Nadia got all of Irina/Sloane shipping in her. She's ruthless, cunning, lying and non trustworthy. And she has great hair. Mia, what product do you use? The whole "Hi Honey" slam, was just icky, and Marshall being shot so early in the ep by Lauren, was just eh. I knew he would see it, it is his computer. He loves that machine. The season was a tad mediocre and the the finale was a tad dull/yet action movieish. I hope Season 4 will be the bomb. Lost? The new shoe by JJ looks good. No duh. It has a hobbit as a lead role! Yummy.
-Bush is pulling Iraq out, or so he says he is putting effort into doing so.
-Posh Spice, ahem, Victoria is staying faithful to her man, after alledged reports he has been caught cheating in 2 scandals.
-A 70-year-old woman who served as an extra and stunt double in many Westerns filmed in Kanab during the genre's heyday will become only the second local inducted into the "Little Hollywood Walk of Fame."
-Shrek grosses 104.3 million in 3 days.
-Ellen won the emmy for Best Talk Show Ho and Shamless Plugger, I mean Best Talk Show.
-Man is suing Viacom over the Superbowl incident. He's from Utah. DUH!


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