6 Songs You Must Illegally Download or Buy!

The Darkness - I Believe in a Thing Called Love
Evanescence - My Immortal
Usher - Burn
Burning Down The House - Talking Heads
JET - Timothy
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Rich

Alias review tomorrow. I can't miss it, I will make sure to stay tuned.
Friends ended and now I'm scared, I mean great sitcoms will all be in syndication. Frasier, Friends. Who knows what is next? Is TV going to hell? Read my column below.

TV going to the said dogs?
It seems that television has been demanding more mini series like kingdom Hospital and Helter Skelter, and reality shows like American Idol and Fear Factor. What happened to Father knowing best, or leaving such said issues to Beaver? Well not only have execs jumped on a boat of canceling/killing great shows like: Angel, Buffy, Friends, Wonderfalls, Fraiser, The Practice and possibly Tru Calling. Don't we see, that American Idol is becoming lackluster? The so called Idols have a lousy 5 million records sold TOGETHER whilst say Usher has nearly 2 million and growing. Does tv seem to be going or are audiences just no longer wanting sitcoms, comedy and sheer fun and joy. There are drama shows that stand the test of time like Law and Order but that has partly gone to syndication too. So let me ask you again, is tv going down with THE OC and SURVIVOR or is it going well without 7 beautiful young actors we came to love as Friends and witty blonde girl with a pointy wooden object. Ask yourself.

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