24:Hours 10 to 11

They have to send Jane into the infected building with Chloe. I hated how she just flat out told the guy, his sister was dead. I as well hate how Jack got to kick so much bad guy ass, I don't want the series to back for another season. I think that if in 24 land the guy wins and everyone becomes infected it will be the biggest twist. But we know, Fox. They want 24 to keep returning and returning like American Idol. I felt sympathy for the president, I really did, even though the actor who portrays him has the deepest voice EVER. And she escaped to well meet her untimely fate.

Short News Links
Film Deal for Bagdhad blogger?
Hey, why not give me the movie deal? Lucy Liu could play me with Omar Epps as Jamante (my boy!) and Scarlet Johannsen as ***** ( my bff!)


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