I had to interview one of my favorite artists on the net, Kyle, he can be found here. Kyle is a man, that intrigued me and was nothing far from inspirational and fun. He was supposed to be the final chapter in Blogees Of The Net column, but I think I will continue it.
Spark Up A Word with Kyle
So what made you pick up blogging?
It was more of an exercise in discipline than anything
else. I'd tried keeping a journal numerous times
before, and sucked at it. This way my friends far away
and (cool factions of the) extended family could ride
my ass to keep it updated.

Do you find it raw that every little morsel of detail
you post, so many can access and take it from you?

I don't think people TAKE things from me, I think they
take things away from what I say, just like I do with
other people's journals. It's a way of expressing
yourself, and sharing yourself. I'm a big fan of the

Have you ever been copied, (ie: design, art, actual

John at iioii.org clued me in one day that a Frat at
Purdue was using one of my images to promote one of
their charity dances. I was really confused, but got
in touch with the frat - someone had given them an
image and they'd mistaken it for clipart. They were
really apologetic, but again, big fan of the share.
What am I going to do, deny a gay frat the right to
use one of my images to raise money for HIV
prevention? Please.

What made you decide to post your wonderfully
brilliant photos and more importantly art?

I'd hardly say my photos are brilliant - they're just
pretty things i see if i happen to have my camera. As
for the art ... Well, I'm a feedback whore. I'm a
comment addict. Plus, drawing is part of me, and big
part of how i express myself, it seems just as natural
to me as writing anything else down.

Do you think the net is now more open to openly gay

I wasn't aware it was ever closed off -- the majority
of blogs I read are gay themed, if anything I think
blogging is one of the greatest things a gay teenager
has. An anonymous field of information, experiences,
and ideas to cull information from. I pretty routinely
get letters from 15ish year old kids asking me
questions or voicing a curiosity about something. It
was really weird at first, but I really enjoy talking
to them. All I had when I was coming out was porn
online, I'd kill for some of the pages that exist now
to have been on back then.

What were the hassles earlier when you were blogging?
I started my journal as a pure HTML site, and I HATE
HTML. Loathe it. I'm so happy that Moveable Type
exists, and that I have some net savvy friends to set
stuff up for me. I'm just dreadful at coding.

How long have you been blogging?
Wow. Over 2 years now. I started before my 21st
birthday, and here I am at 23...

How have you clinically died twice?
I was born super-premature. 6 weeks early, in a stage
when my lungs weren't developed fully. I was a bubble
baby. Got the last rights twice, the whole thing, but
I'm stubborn.

What are your feelings towards gay marriage?
Church and State bitches. Church. And. State.
Hopefully in 50 years people my age will view this
battle the way i look at Brown V. The Board of
Education - with disbelief.

Why do you often quote one of the best cult TV shows

I identify with the Buffyverse a lot, and while i
think bloggers quoting song lyrics is pretty pathetic,
I have no problem posting quotes from BTVS (or other
films/TV shows) to somewhat passive aggressively
address issues. It's great writing, and if it can say
something better than I can, then why not?

In 10 words describe the things good that came out of
being a blogger?

Connections, communications, friendships, experiences,
ideas, release, comfort, humility, and growth.

Do you see yourself doing this 5 years down the road?
Why or why not?

I do. I get too much thrill looking back at my posts
from a year ago, let alone how valuable they'll be 5
years from now. I don't know if I'll post so
frequently, but I still will in some form. I get kinda
miffed when I go to someone's site (like a singer's)
and find it journal-less. I forget not everyone does

Do you have some advice you'd give to the people that
read this?

If you don't keep a journal, give it a shot. I know a
lot of people who have secret journals from their
friends and find it a great release. On a broader
advicey scope - um, remember where you're going, why
you wanted to go there in the first place, and take a
look around to make sure you're where you need to be.

Do you find age matters when expressing points or

Some things are age and experience specific, just how
it is. You're not going to write to a virgin for sex
advice, and you're not going to talk to a 14 year old
when you're dealing with impending college graduation.
But i think a lot of stuff is fair game. Life is life,
we all live it.

Bush or Kerry?
Kerry. I think Bush needs his own island like that
Napoleon fellow.


I recently sat down with Jean, as he preferred to be called 'critic' who resides on the net here, he was lovely to get to know and learn about. His design skills and what he has to say are great to hear. He is wonderfully kind and so professional.
Snow Falling On Jean Hill
What do you prefer Nej or Jean? (not an interview question, just for me
to know).

- Jean is fine.

Your site was launched in the summer of 2002, am I right? I wanted to
know what were the hassles back then compared to now?

- The site launched in September of 2002, and it followed 3 and half
years of writing a weekly column on my life in Tokyo at another site I
ran with a friend. I can't remember many hassles, but I got the idea of
using blog software (instead of just regular HTML) when Warren Ellis
launched his blog (Die Puny Humans) at the same time. Seemed like an
easy way to update a site, but at the time I wasn't really aware of the
blog scene (actually, I don't think there really was one at the time).
I started out with Blogger, and then a few months later moved to the
Movable Type software, which is what I still use today to power the

Do you enjoy sharing your views, your creativity and design with a
world who can get every detail about you from google.com?

- Yeah, sure. I mean, that's certainly one of the reasons that I
started the site. It gives me a place to share with others what I'm
into (and to hopefully help promote some of those things). It also lets
me get in touch with people that I would like to get to know, who
approach me because they appreciate what I'm into and would maybe like
to collaborate on things. For instance, I was approached by the people
organizing the TOKYO STYLE event in Stockholm because a lot of times
when they would be searching for things, my site would turn up in the
Google results. It seemed like I was covering the kinds of things they
were looking to include in their event.

What made you start Tokyboy, TB.Grafico and Geisha?

- The Tokyo Boy moblog was started because I was quick to get a mobile
phone that let me take pictures, and then Kevin Cameron's great
moblogging tool Mfop let me do live updating from wherever I was. I
think my site was among the first to feature a moblog on it (one of the
advantages of living in Tokyo, where mobile phone technology is always
one step ahead of the rest of the world). TB.Grafico was me just giving
a name to the daily pics that I post. Taking pictures and posting them
is something I've done for a long time, including them in the weekly
column I used to write. I like taking pictures to better show people
the things that I find interesting about life here. I consider it
reportage more than an artistic pursuit. And GEISHA, well, that's my
place to have fun and be creative. I've unfortunately been too busy of
late to come out with a new issue, but it's something I'd like to get
back into sometime soon.

Do you keep up with the design world and do you enjoy being labeled as
a graphic designer?

- Yes, I'm always interested in happenings in the design world, and
follow tons of magazines on the subject (especially Japanese magazines
like AXIS, IDEA, ATMOSPHERE, and +81). I don't think if I'm really
labeled as a graphic designer though, since I don't work in that
industry. I think I approach graphic design not so much as a creator
(sure, I do create my own sites, and play with design in my GEISHA
zine, but I don't think they really hold up to the things that my
favorite designers are creating), but more as a promoter and critic. I
would love to get more involved in graphic design, but probably more as
a producer.

You inhabit the metropolis of Tokyo, have you ever wanted to live
outside of Japan, or Asia for that matter?

- Since moving here, I can't say that there's anywhere else I'd rather
be. I am totally in love with this city, and it offers me the things I
crave. I love traveling in Asia, but I don't think there is anywhere
else that would offer me an environment like the one I enjoy here. I
mean, I love Hong Kong, and I would love to be able to take the time to
stay there for a few weeks or a month, to really get to know the city,
but I know from my previous visits there that it's not a place where I
would want to live for a long period of time. Same goes for other big
cities in Asia (and yes, I'm a big city boy, and will probably remain
one for a while yet).

What do you feel about gay marriage?

- I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. If two people love
each other (gay or hetero) and want to live their lives together, they
should be entitled to all the benefits (tax cuts and such) that marriage

Agree or disagree with the war in Iraq?

- I disagree, because I don't like the way things were done. Saddam was
indeed a bad man, and I do hope the Iraqi people eventually find
peaceful lives, but what was done did not feel honest, or in the best
interest of everyone.

Prior to our discussion have you been to KUWTG? Do you find it

- I can't say that I knew about your site, so never had a chance to
check it out.

I see you do a lot of magazines and style, have you ever been
criticized for doing so?

- Are you talking about GEISHA? If so, no, I've never really been
criticized for the changes. I mean, for me, the whole point of it is to
experiment with different presentations, so I think it's pretty much
expected that styles will vary greatly from one issue to the next.

Thank you for taking this time and answering a few questions in the
"Bloggees Of The Net" column that will feature others of your status.


Just get something straight.
I am not going to have some punks come here and trash talk me. You don't have to view it, you don't need to read about the entertainment business, you don't need to read Keeping Up With The Guide or acknowledge it exists. So before you come here, keep in tow your spelling and attitude. I'm blatant, and I will get angry. This site if not stated otherwise belongs to me. Yes, to me. So we clear? Thank you.



Open Letters
Jennifer Garner
Everyone keeps talking about them bangs. I honestly love them. Don't ax them, they make me love my Asian mane and my old days when I loved to have bowl haircuts. Keep it girl, and is it true, that you and Michael Vartan are well you know, a cut, a wrap? I was like, no! Vaughn and Syd? Hell no. Say it ain't so!

Jay Z
I got 98 problems with your new song. And the only problem I don't have is witnessing you being riddled with bullets! I'm cynical. I know.

You are going to release a digital camera? Are you fa sho? It's a tough business and tomorrow your business could be in a rut. Like I am, bi-weekly. Make that bi-daily. So, please don't go ahead with this. Everyone already owns a Cyber-shot and an Ipod. So could we save the digital world to the pros? Besides, whose going to pay the amount you want?


Alias review
Rachel Interview
Smallville and Angel review


Can I just say wow? I read that JJ had threw the old script out, but I mean, really now, that was the best he had to offer? If Spy Daddy is evil, it will ruin what I've known and loved forever. That's the fact that Jack may be bitter and mean, he still has the sincerest feelings for a daughter he controlled into being a child gun cocking, spy girl. Lauren died, and they break into a kiss, then she pulls a get up slowly and dies again. Nadia got all of Irina/Sloane shipping in her. She's ruthless, cunning, lying and non trustworthy. And she has great hair. Mia, what product do you use? The whole "Hi Honey" slam, was just icky, and Marshall being shot so early in the ep by Lauren, was just eh. I knew he would see it, it is his computer. He loves that machine. The season was a tad mediocre and the the finale was a tad dull/yet action movieish. I hope Season 4 will be the bomb. Lost? The new shoe by JJ looks good. No duh. It has a hobbit as a lead role! Yummy.
-Bush is pulling Iraq out, or so he says he is putting effort into doing so.
-Posh Spice, ahem, Victoria is staying faithful to her man, after alledged reports he has been caught cheating in 2 scandals.
-A 70-year-old woman who served as an extra and stunt double in many Westerns filmed in Kanab during the genre's heyday will become only the second local inducted into the "Little Hollywood Walk of Fame."
-Shrek grosses 104.3 million in 3 days.
-Ellen won the emmy for Best Talk Show Ho and Shamless Plugger, I mean Best Talk Show.
-Man is suing Viacom over the Superbowl incident. He's from Utah. DUH!


Brad Pitt was nude in like 4 scenes. Orlando Bloom looked ugly. Brad's love interest looked like a rape victim. I fell in love with Helen Of Troy's eyes and mane. The father of Paris and Hector talked like he recently had a stroke. Blood was in full effect. You could tell when images were animated. Brad Pitt Matrixy jumps with a spear and shield. Rating: 3/5. I did not waste 4.00 to see Brad Pitt nude, I can get that off KaZaa.
Alias review tonight.
Here are some permalinks to check out:
Interview with Rachel
Fall Line Up
At Your Own Risk
Lip Care with Kiera Knightley

There you guys go.
Second part of the interview season will be coming soon.
Oh and people feel free to IM me : thrawted rust

Alias review tonight. Yes it was confirmed, Alias and 24 will not have any new episodes until January 2005. That leaves 20 rerun free episodes.


Part of what I promised was a 3 part column based on the bloggers that fascinate me and seem to be all in a category of their own. Each with a great talent and projects backing them up. This week's is the Intensifying Rachel which can be found here. She was more than willing and eager to do an interview and I was astonished to get her. I wanted to do her for so long. That should be rephrased.

The Intensifying Wit of Rachel
> Who inspires you as a weblogger?
I suppose I look to all those 'popular' bloggers for inspiration (i.e. dooce.com, kottke.org, airbag.ca). But really, as cheesy as it sounds, every blog I've ever read gives me tips on how to improve my own weblog, even the sucky ones. ESPECIALLY the sucky ones, actually, because I think, 'Hey, that sucks, don't ever do that on Intensify.'

> Do you ever feel discouraged by the internet; people on the internet?
I'm not exactly sure what you mean by this, but yes, there are some poopheads on the 'net.

> How long have you been sharing your thoughts and a member of Two Guys A Girl and Alias?
Ah, the Alias blog. That was totally Nick's idea (Nick from ferociouscheese.com). He pitched it to me sometime before Season 3, and I posted the first entry on September 4, 2003, so that's how long I've been involved with that. I love me some Alias.

> If you don't mind me asking, how do you feel about gay marriage?
Whoa, loaded question. I pretty much answered that here Basically, I support it.

> Would you say you're relatively "famous" on the net?
I would say that I've gotten to know a lot more awesome people through my site than I ever thought I would, and that's good enough for me.

> What's the creepiest outcome of having a website?
Having people ask me for interviews. Ha. Well, if you think about it, the whole concept of a personal weblog is kind of voyeuristically creepy - someone publishes their thoughts and daily happenings for literally anyone to read, and that someone has no idea who's reading, in many cases.

> Do you recommend any particular blogging tool, and/or design tool?
I swear by Adobe Photoshop and Movable Type.

> Have you read Keeping Up With The Guide prior to this?
Nope, sorry.

> What do you hope to be accomplished by the time you have kids?
Hopefully I'll be married and not completely poor.

> What technology helps you in everyday life (ie: toaster)
The flushable toilet.

> In 10 words tell me your greatest desire?
Big powdery scrumtrillescent oxen head fabulous animaniac Shakespearean stovetop box.


Chloe dies. Lionel is going to rot in hell. Possibility Lana is coming back. Clark is naked in a blue goo. Lex is no longer friends with Clark. Kara had a pimple between her eyes. Clark's father has a hot voice. Overall: Lana had just showered hair. Clark got on my nerves for being so gullible. It bored me when they played the requiem-ish music.

Oh my fucking god, the whole episode went fast, I kind of thought Joss just threw the episode down and let people screw with it. Most of the episode was the Hamilton/Angel fight, Wesley died so abruptly and suddenly, and I just bawled when Illyria became Fred, when she truly showed feelings and showed the demon what a little girl can do. I loved the fact that the end 4 were so willing to stand, and I just wished that it could have been Fred who killed the demon, and said an innocent quote. I wanted to see the fight and I hated the end. I will miss Joss. He will be making a Firefly movie though and working on a comic series. I think Xmen. Overall: Ending sucked, Amy Acker shined, the Wolf ram and Hart was awesome. Spike got his appraise. Lorne did some dirty work.

Coming Soon! I'll have an interview with Rachel of http://intensify.org
Yes, I'm doing some interviews with bloggers on the net, so you can know what's entertainment on the digital side. Speaking of entertainment.
fashion with wit.

Coming soon:
Rachel talks with KUWTG
Open letters to: Jennifer Garner, Jay Z, Sony, Ferrari, and Blogger!!!!


Helter Skelter review and two "big" stations tv announcements:
Helter Skelter also in japanese!
Helter Skelter, was in all a word/phrase Charles Manson created to represent a view he thought was what many hid from him. The movie adapted from the acclaimed story, was anything in itself but pure and satirical fact. The whole time, I felt the movie might have been false, because me, never being born in 60's and early 70's was to learn of Charles Manson. I heard about him on VHI or E, and now it seems I have met him, or a well adapted version. The movie most of the time followed 5 of his closet followers, until it became 4, and then 3 and then many living in deserts with their children and stolen arsony and vehicles. This may be one of the only Helter Skelter blog reviews on the net, as I'm unsure if many wanted to go over past/already known history. Manson is rumored to be up for parole again before 2010, which wouldn't be the first parole chance. Oh and what does Helter Skelter mean? It was what he called a coming war, between blacks and whites. Him and his followers were alledged going to hide in a bore hole in the desert called the "bottomless pit" until it was over. Deranged? Yes. True? Yes. And to top it off, these people thought him hippie or even Christ.

No new Alias episodes will be shown in 2004. That either means it's coming in 2005 or it might be on a hold. Life With Bonnie was even added to the scrapheap with the Jessica Simpson show.
Tony Randall dies at 84 today.
Martha Stewart's tv show has been suspended for next season. YES! I told you all no woman could be that perfect. Insider trading. *throws head back with evil laugh*
NBC lineup
Last week 13 Going On 30 has totaled up a respective 42.5 million dollars*

*subject to change with newest figure


EDIT: Announcement of KUWTGJA! The new japanese version of KUWTG
I'm back. The thing I had to do was finished early. News:

May 15th: Happy Birthday to Apple Blythe Alison Martin. Sounds like she was eating an apple, playing with a blythe doll, trying to think of an American girls name while saying "Mrs. Martin." Great name.
Christophe does not like the way the city mayor manages the city, spends the public money and says it on his blog, every day. He has been very successful doing that, with hundreds of inhabitants of Puteaux reading and commenting his blog everyday and many national newspapers that talked about his blog.
Christophe criticizes the city management so much that they have tried to stop him for months, the city mayor has even sent him threats over the phone that he recorded and blogged, of course.

Today, he has been stopped in the street by the Police Municipale (the local French Police) who tried to arrest him for his blogging. Fortunately for Christophe, the National Police arrived immediately as they found what was happening weird, and let him go.
*erases that critical quote on the whole ugly side of Rumsfield*

Powell says a pullout in Iraq is not likely.
smallest cellphone!'


Sadly, Eunae will be gone until Sunday. Where on Monday she will do a Helter Skelter review. Alot don't think it will foreshadow it's 36 million viewer rival Helter Skelter in the past. Both adapted from the same book.

Here are some permalinks to check out:
Amazon Rain Forest
Foster Child
Computer Newness
(Yuki) Snow Child grabs her a piece of Naked Cowboy


24:Hours 10 to 11

They have to send Jane into the infected building with Chloe. I hated how she just flat out told the guy, his sister was dead. I as well hate how Jack got to kick so much bad guy ass, I don't want the series to back for another season. I think that if in 24 land the guy wins and everyone becomes infected it will be the biggest twist. But we know, Fox. They want 24 to keep returning and returning like American Idol. I felt sympathy for the president, I really did, even though the actor who portrays him has the deepest voice EVER. And she escaped to well meet her untimely fate.

Short News Links
Film Deal for Bagdhad blogger?
Hey, why not give me the movie deal? Lucy Liu could play me with Omar Epps as Jamante (my boy!) and Scarlet Johannsen as ***** ( my bff!)


With only 3 hours left in the 24 world. I will be here to cover the final two. I will not cover the season finale but link sites that had coverage.
A Wrinkle In Time sucked sadly. The special effects even made me want to scream "low budget". I mean they could have made calvin's* character a special effect and saved a couple thousand. (*The hot male actor from Everwood!)


Man that place hits those 3 movies on the nose! Woody Allen, I thought he died after that movie where he goes blind. Hollywood something? I've noticed Debra Messing has been subtly in more films, as a little indie icon. And I bet they still pay her 1-2 digit in the millions.

Will and Grace the next Friends
The Simple Life 2 the next Simple Life 1 but less funnier

Have I been in another rut? You won't believe the news tomorrow!


Shows to watch tonight:

A WRINKLE IN TIME: 8-11. Why the hell not? I mean this movie stars the hunkie star of cult hit Everwood. It will seem very childish, or mediocre. But we're talking Ephram here. 3 out of 5 stars.
TWO AND HALF MEN followed by CSI:MIAMI: 9:30 to 11. No comment on the Charlie Sheen hit/bomb. Each episode is diaster or sucess. CSI? Shit what isn't there to say?

That is 3 things to watch. AWIT is on ABC and TWO and CSI are on CBS

Hey! I'm testing out the new blogger which rocks. I want to thank: DAN for making this very eye pleasing interface. So no Alias episode was on, but that's fine. MAY 23rd? That's the season finale. So Alias posts will be a minium. There are alot of 24 blogs popping up and I may be joining one so I'm putting that on a hold aswell.

Look forward to these columns
Helter Skelter
New Entertainment Weekly Issue (TROY)
Keeping Up With The Guide News Column
Open Letters
TV Gone To The Dogs For Good? (undecided)
Interview (undecided)

See ya'll.


6 Songs You Must Illegally Download or Buy!

The Darkness - I Believe in a Thing Called Love
Evanescence - My Immortal
Usher - Burn
Burning Down The House - Talking Heads
JET - Timothy
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Rich

Alias review tomorrow. I can't miss it, I will make sure to stay tuned.
Friends ended and now I'm scared, I mean great sitcoms will all be in syndication. Frasier, Friends. Who knows what is next? Is TV going to hell? Read my column below.

TV going to the said dogs?
It seems that television has been demanding more mini series like kingdom Hospital and Helter Skelter, and reality shows like American Idol and Fear Factor. What happened to Father knowing best, or leaving such said issues to Beaver? Well not only have execs jumped on a boat of canceling/killing great shows like: Angel, Buffy, Friends, Wonderfalls, Fraiser, The Practice and possibly Tru Calling. Don't we see, that American Idol is becoming lackluster? The so called Idols have a lousy 5 million records sold TOGETHER whilst say Usher has nearly 2 million and growing. Does tv seem to be going or are audiences just no longer wanting sitcoms, comedy and sheer fun and joy. There are drama shows that stand the test of time like Law and Order but that has partly gone to syndication too. So let me ask you again, is tv going down with THE OC and SURVIVOR or is it going well without 7 beautiful young actors we came to love as Friends and witty blonde girl with a pointy wooden object. Ask yourself.

Keeping Up With The Guide


I decided to entertain people with searches I see people type in to get me:

butt crack of Donald Rumsfield, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, Britney Spears Onyx Hotel, Helter Skelter, Entertainment Tonight Helter Skelter 2004, gay porn addictions, i hate eunae, keeping up with the guide, hey you! shut up.,Nick Lachey look-a-likes, quintuplet teenage and some more. Well whoever hates me, I hate you too! Well not really, but why do you hate me? Brad Pitt, I told you it was over, Jen wouldv'e found out. Did I just say wouldv'e. I'm on crack. Well I'm not, but you get the idea. RIGHT?

type some of those in google, i dare you!


I missed Alias and 24 but here are some KUWTG news:

Will And Grace raked in 20.5 million viewers on their season finale, reported to be best since November 02.
Brad suggests Jen wouldn't frown if he had a one nighter with Pop Princess herself, Ms. Spears. As well, Brad and Jen confirmed trying for a baby.

Gore bought a tv station from Vivendi. It will be geared to 18-30 demographic.

The world's top five music companies yesterday agreed to pay $US50 million ($A70 million) in unclaimed royalties.

Thousands of artists, including such stars as David Bowie and Dolly Parton will benefit from the agreement, which followed a two-year investigation by New York Attorney-General Eliot Spitzer's office.

It found that many performers and writers had not received royalties because the music companies had been negligent about maintaining contact with them

That is the Guides highlights today.


Today I thought I would examine myself if I were to be a mother.

My daughter would hate me because as I would be making her lunch, I'd be putting little notes, the ones my peers got but my mother refused to write.
My daughter would be put on Atkin's diet after she was off the breastmilking, I see how babies can become fat.
My daughter would be mad at me when I would force her to actually kiss my mother, her grandmother at family reunions.
My daughter would be a sweet girl who turns into a bitter woman later on, as it is rumored your baby is what your parents were.
My daughter would know how to spell EMO, SADDLE CREEK, ALIAS DVD, and UBERVAMP before she began to teethe.
My daughter would be dressed in black, because I do not want a yellow/pink wearing mug of a daughter.
My daughter would resent me and hate me all in the end.

And that's why I'm having a son.



Dear ITunes,

Now I don't use the Ipod as much as everyone and their mom may, but I do love the interface of your playlist station and I was just thinking, would you love to collab with Kazaa and make theirs look better? I sure as hell know millions who would love to see some new fresh interface with Tahoma 9pt as the font and some great scrollbar thinger. You get me?

Dear RIAA,

Oh no. I was not in any way, shape or form trying to contract a company to help another company who p2ps millions of people around the world, music. No sir re, not me.

Dear Lindsay Lohan,

As I've noticed, you have the cleavage that equal to my usually flat chested mother in her third child pregnancy stage. I mean WOWZA, if I was a man, I'd be using one cheesy line to get into your pants and rub lips with your mammary glands.

To my visitors,
I've kind of been in a rut lately, maybe it's emotional, possibly it's just out of lack of motivation. But it's a rut. So Alias will be reviewed tonight, well you'll will see it Monday, and today will be Open Letters. I might start doing a scheduling thinger, so people know when to tune in, like Monday is ALIAS day, Wednesday is 24 review day, you see?

Sincerely, Eunae.