Spoilers First:
-Here is to answer WHAT'S UP WITH JACK?
She will play Sydney's half sister aka "The Passenger"
-Wonderfalls has been confirmed fully canceled. They were going to possibly do a hiatus, but Fox has denied that.
-Jennifer Garner of Alias and soon 13 Going on 30 will reprise her role as Elektra in a self titled spin off. So far release is set for February 16-18, 2005.
-There will be a Xmen-3. Well it was just proposed but many are asking to keep their roles.
-Sarah Michelle Gellar will not be in the Angel episode that is focused on Sunnydale alumni. So far a movie for Buffy seems to be more ideal seeing how they feel there will be a larger "audience".
-Angel may have a spinoff.
-NBC says Joey may get the same time slot as Friends.

If all goes well, a TV movie about the life and death of Kurt Cobain will premier on the WB network sometime next season

I'm getting tired of it really. Courtney publishes his diaries, and now they will have a movie about him? I may have been 5 when he died, but leave the man alone. Let him rest in peace. Also, Helter Skelter a movie of Charles Manson and his followers is coming in May. I want to see that.


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