Review for 13 Going On 30

Jenna Rink (Jennifer Garner), a 13 year old with a unique friend who is ditched at her 13th birthday, wishes she could be 30, since "Poise" magazine says those are the best of years. She soon seems to have everything, a Fifth Avenue condo, great designer outfits, wonderful job and a egotistical Hockey player boyfriend. After finding it a weird dream, she confronts Matty (Mark Ruffalo) who is soon to be married and lives in the Village. She finds out, that not everything is as it seems. Turning out to be she is a backstabbing, liar. The movie has some tears, funny great timed jokes, at times a little corny, but that's what makes it a happy movie. Jennifer Garner, star of Alias, in my opinion delivers faster punchlines then she does kicking globes at men protecting the "Passenger". She is wonderful and beautiful, and the movie has a great ending. I give it an 8.9 out of 10. Keep up the great work Jen.


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