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Gay Hip Hop
Asians, Caucasians and now gays sharing what African Americans seemed to mainstream? Well, it seems QBoy, the alter ego of a boy from Essex seems to be coming out. No pun intended. The man lately has been causing a stir in music everywhere. What's next to come? Everyone out there seems to be asking these days, seeing how gays are on television, in chapels,getting divorced, at the movies and even at sporting events. This isn't the end of the gays, and now with QBoy we seem to be releasing more energy and praise to them. Check out his official website.

In my opinion, I think it's fine and dandy. I don't want it to go mainstream, because gays ask for equality right? Well it seems they are getting God like treatment. And by mainstream, I just mean I don't want it in The US too much.

Quote from Gay Times interview
You are in a dark alley late at night. There's just you and Eminem. You fight him or fuck him? I think it would be only polite to offer him a blowjob.

I think the guy has great charisma, spunk and truth, but we have so much mediums for gays do we have to push the last part of music that's not claimed by gays to them? I'm not homophobe, I just want to be able to listen to you know, things about come shots and doggy style.


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