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Alias Episode Review

Alias was amazing episode tonight. Not for the fact that David Carradine plays a heavy Rimbaldi follower as well the man who told Sloane, his daughter was the passenger. I loved Vaughn and how he knew she had played him and began to act the same way. My moods were swinging when Sydney heard Vaughn lip smacking Ms. Eyebrows and my screams couldn't help Vaughn moments earlier when he was nearly compromised. I was ecstatic to finally see Vaughn show some colors, and try and save Sydney. I was mad at Jack, when Sloane was killed. Technically Sloane, was pronounced dead, and Jack brought him back to life because he "needed" him. I'm still weary on The Passenger. at vulgar cost, this woman will render the greatest power unto utter desolation that's what they say about Sydney (The Prophecy). So, what is Nadia (Passenger), pure evil? Or is evil the side we don't want it on. I mean do we want the passenger to stay alive, or do we want the prophecy to be killed? Isn't that cool their codenames are both P's? Irina is: Pleasantly Evil, Sloane is: Pompous, Jack is: pleasurable deceitful. I'm glad the family of 5 will be reunited.

They said Irina was returning, but to spoilers, the last 2 of 3 episodes she wont be in? She might not be in any 3. Aswell, in Alias Magazine they haven't confirmed if Alias will have a 3rd season.

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