Alias Episode 3.20 BLOODTIES

Holy crap was this episode good! It starts with a recap to tell all fans what they may have missed or to clue them in on what might happen in this episode. Lauren who knows she was betrayed basically kidnaps Vaughn, to get info she thinks he has. Meanwhile, thanks to THE HOURGLASS basically being a battery to power a machine, stolen from the Smithsonian to get the brainwaves of Nadia, Sydney goes undercover to a woman's prison facility in Cheknya. Her catatonic sister, who is faking, is rescued and they must make it back to the tunnel. Back to Vaughn, Sark is powering 500,000 volts of electricity into him as he stands cuffed under dripping water. Sark then goes into a fake program, where Vaughn thinks he escapes, gets into a truck and finds out it's another front to get the info they think he has. He kills off the trucker and is recaptured. Damn, I would've hid in a car. Sydney, then finds out her sister is an agent and can fight pretty damn good! Sloane, Nadia, SpyDaddy, Sydney are reunited to be given up to the covenant, Sloane and Nadia escape. Sydney sees Vaughn, who is finally rescued thanks to Marshall, and tells her to stay the hell away, because they will have to fight to both their deaths. Sloane then injects the potion to give Nadia the psychedelic mind trip voice mail from Rimbaldi. OH YEAH.


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