Nextel Communications has started selling wireless broadband service, as it looks to fend off competition from cable and DSL service providers.
The Nextel Wireless Broadband service provides customers with high-speed wireless Net access on desktops, notebooks, pocket PCs and other devices. The company said Wednesday that the service is limited for now to three North Carolina cities: Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. The carrier did not reveal future plans for the service.

Is it me, or is the reason most people get Nextel celluar phones is for that walkie talkie feature. I have seen family members with Nextel cursing out the terrible service from the towers, and how it gets ridiculously pricey when it comes to purchasing a plastic flip phone, that if dropped may never work again. Now they want to release a Wireless program? I think that is a little far fetched. Sprint PCS already does that with it actually ON the phone, and now Nextel wants to be a new company. Well, how do we know that the service and actual internet connection wont be crappier than a Texan man at an annual bean eating festival? We don't. I hope there is no future, but of course I was the one who questioned Mac when they started distributing them to our Elementary/Middle school. Now look at it, it has the shortest battery life on their MP3 player, high prices and still seems to be making money.

P.S.: Britney Spears is in talks to film a new reality show called OnTourage. She says it will be like The Real World, Simple Life and Madonna's Truth Or Dare special. Her representatives want 1 million an episode. That's a clean 6 million for just showing some dancers reactions to Europe, and steamy scenes. Reported to only be 30 minutes for each episode.


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