My hiatus failed, so you get me back.

Donald Trump proposed to his girlfriend, Melania Knauss with, a 12-carat diamond ring worth a staggering $2 million. boy do i wish he liked girls under 18.

"I am extremely disappointed to have to cancel this tour," the 23-year-old singer said Thursday in a statement on her Web site. "I was looking forward to being on the road again and spending time with my fans." That goes into accordance with her cancellation due to acute vocal chords being "strained".

One interesting side note has been the controversy surrounding the creation of a Web site by the film company's marketing team, godsendinstitute.org.

"When all hope is lost, come to Godsend," the Web site states, then offers a toll-free telephone number.

With faces of smiling families and no identification that it is advertising a movie, the Web site and the institute it advertisers look legitimate. Many people have called the number to find out about the Godsend Institute services, according to printed reports.

A woman's voice on a message machine tells callers to leave their name, number and the time they called to get more information, then in an aside talks briefly about the film's opening date.

I knew the website was a fake!

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