Kill Bill 2 was great. I did like Kill Bill 1 because of the whole scene when she kills all the Crazy 88's and how her and Oren banter. I did like Kill Bill 2 because without giving too much away, she gave more into her past, and aswell her real name isn't BLEAPED out like it always is. I just hated how the movie dragged on, I wanted it to go a little longer, and can I just say the ending was magnificent? BeBe is that how her name was said? That doesn't give away anything cause that's not "The Bride's" real name, that's someone entirely different. I give it a 9/10, it was more of a love story and survival tale. The 1st one was more of a lets make blood spill, have good eye candy, get Sonny Chiba to train Uma Thurman and basically lets make blood spill/spew out of limbs and cut wounds. I did want so much to see Darryl Hannah more though in the 1st one. And to whoever commented, I meant that she was in that in the 1st one. The second one she isn't AT all. Did anyone love Pai Mei?


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