The independent commission investigating the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington highlighted a series of missteps and missed opportunities Tuesday by U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies in the months before September 11.

Well no duh. I cannot believe it took them this long to finally tell Bush what a botched up job he is doing. They as well did shout at the FBI's corner, for not investigating more into terrorists and making it their top priority. I'm glad too. The FBI shouldn't be blamed though, it is as well Bush's dumb fault for it all, he instead of just getting Saddam the fuck out, had to obviously taunt and throw us in war. Now, thanks to that finally the Iraqis are retaliating and even stole some Japanese people. Great, now the newest Zelda game wont be out. All joking aside, though, I wish they had seen the light far back. They could have spared America more deaths, and Iraqis a sense of freedom.


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