I'm famous!

My first "Google" search. Wow. That brought me about 97 hits, but all I really want are readers. I mean, I have a blog, I get some comments, but I want readers, people I know who read me.
For the first time, Japanese researchers have created a viable mouse via "virgin birth," or parthenogenesis -- that is, the offspring was derived solely from female genetic material contained in the mother's egg, without any contribution from a male animal. I think that's amazing, it does get me freaked though, I mean I dont want it soon to be Stepford People, all derived from technology and science. Aswell on that, a movie

Since Dolly, several scientists have cloned other animals, including cows and mice. Now, at Godsend, we have pioneered a technique that allows a cell nucleus from a recently deceased child to be implanted within a human egg, allowing a mother to carry that child to term again Godsend Institute has seemed to been getting questioned lately on whether it's real or clever marketing


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