Every Thursday I do a feature or column on my blog called "Keeping With The Guide", it's all about what is going on in the Entertainment biz. So, lets start off.
Jet is one hot band to check out already in Blender and Entertainment Weekly, they are blowing up!

One hot magazine on stands to check out now is: Magnet
Thanks to the success of Newlyweds, and the Variety Hour the infamous Jessica Simpson, and hubby Nick Lachey seem to be getting, Jessica Simpson will be headlining VHI Diva's show. She hasn't even been out longer than 3 years right? Man, I should do that, ask about brand names, marry a lesser famous celeb hunk, and then headline a show.
NEW YORK (Court TV) -- Rapper Lil' Kim turned herself in to authorities Wednesday morning after being charged with lying to a grand jury about a three-year-old shootout between members of her entourage and those of rival rap duo Capone-N-Noreaga. First of all, if you're going to have a dispute do it with a duo, some people that aren't into underground rap may know, and second, in my opinion those eyebrows have a mind of their own.
BOSTON -- You can call it coincidence or call it clever marketing, but there really is an Onyx Hotel and Britney Spears is endorsing it.
Spears' current tour is called The Onyx Hotel, and a hotel by that name is opening soon in Boston.
Wow. Great job, supposedly the hotel will have a suite named after her. Oh, they better have a Wade Robson and Justin Timberlake look a likes so I can redo the whole experience of crying a river. And a chapel should be erected so that all who sleep in the suite get married to a stranger and then grab a quick annulment with the Morning News.
Kill Bill 2 seems already to be striking non-negative chords with critics. Probably cause Darryl Hannah is in this one, in a pirate meets nurse getup. Fantasies meet reality - or movie reality.


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