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Donald Trump proposed to his girlfriend, Melania Knauss with, a 12-carat diamond ring worth a staggering $2 million. boy do i wish he liked girls under 18.

"I am extremely disappointed to have to cancel this tour," the 23-year-old singer said Thursday in a statement on her Web site. "I was looking forward to being on the road again and spending time with my fans." That goes into accordance with her cancellation due to acute vocal chords being "strained".

One interesting side note has been the controversy surrounding the creation of a Web site by the film company's marketing team, godsendinstitute.org.

"When all hope is lost, come to Godsend," the Web site states, then offers a toll-free telephone number.

With faces of smiling families and no identification that it is advertising a movie, the Web site and the institute it advertisers look legitimate. Many people have called the number to find out about the Godsend Institute services, according to printed reports.

A woman's voice on a message machine tells callers to leave their name, number and the time they called to get more information, then in an aside talks briefly about the film's opening date.

I knew the website was a fake!

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24 Review

Last night's episode was brilliant. Mr. Saunders didn't seem to care that Jack and CTU had his daughter, and the whole time I KNEW Kim was right about being followed, seeing the same man everywhere she went, I was also unaware that Saunders would just skate off that easily. I am mad at I forget his name, but who cares about his wife? I bet she really does got the disease anyways.

Short entry. I will be on a hiatus till the 20th of May. Don't miss me too much.


This blog is now an ALIAS, 24, MOVIE REVIEWS, Entertainment Guide blog. Politics and casual sports is gone. Sorry.



Alias Episode 3.20 BLOODTIES

Holy crap was this episode good! It starts with a recap to tell all fans what they may have missed or to clue them in on what might happen in this episode. Lauren who knows she was betrayed basically kidnaps Vaughn, to get info she thinks he has. Meanwhile, thanks to THE HOURGLASS basically being a battery to power a machine, stolen from the Smithsonian to get the brainwaves of Nadia, Sydney goes undercover to a woman's prison facility in Cheknya. Her catatonic sister, who is faking, is rescued and they must make it back to the tunnel. Back to Vaughn, Sark is powering 500,000 volts of electricity into him as he stands cuffed under dripping water. Sark then goes into a fake program, where Vaughn thinks he escapes, gets into a truck and finds out it's another front to get the info they think he has. He kills off the trucker and is recaptured. Damn, I would've hid in a car. Sydney, then finds out her sister is an agent and can fight pretty damn good! Sloane, Nadia, SpyDaddy, Sydney are reunited to be given up to the covenant, Sloane and Nadia escape. Sydney sees Vaughn, who is finally rescued thanks to Marshall, and tells her to stay the hell away, because they will have to fight to both their deaths. Sloane then injects the potion to give Nadia the psychedelic mind trip voice mail from Rimbaldi. OH YEAH.


Review for 13 Going On 30

Jenna Rink (Jennifer Garner), a 13 year old with a unique friend who is ditched at her 13th birthday, wishes she could be 30, since "Poise" magazine says those are the best of years. She soon seems to have everything, a Fifth Avenue condo, great designer outfits, wonderful job and a egotistical Hockey player boyfriend. After finding it a weird dream, she confronts Matty (Mark Ruffalo) who is soon to be married and lives in the Village. She finds out, that not everything is as it seems. Turning out to be she is a backstabbing, liar. The movie has some tears, funny great timed jokes, at times a little corny, but that's what makes it a happy movie. Jennifer Garner, star of Alias, in my opinion delivers faster punchlines then she does kicking globes at men protecting the "Passenger". She is wonderful and beautiful, and the movie has a great ending. I give it an 8.9 out of 10. Keep up the great work Jen.


I'll be out tomorrow night. I am going to dinner with my family and then seeing 13 Going On 30. 2 of my friends will be sleeping over, and on Saturday I have another slumber party with about 17 close friends at *Demetria's house.

*Name was mispelled, to keep person safe.

Keeping Up With The Guide

.Michael Jackson has been indicted by a Santa Barbara grand jury in his child molestation case, according to reports. Basically, they think they have enough evidence to take him to trial. But him, and his various attorneys and spokespersons are very confident that it will be closed. So far, all they say is he will not be pleading guilty.
ANNE Sweeney, a graduate of John A. Coleman Catholic High School in the town of Ulster and the daughter of a Kingston couple, has been promoted to co-chairwoman of Disney Media Networks and president of Disney-ABC Television, according to a news release from the Walt Disney Co. No comment. I mean C'MON, I mean at this rate, 2 year olds will hold the highest stock bonds.

Already great responses are going towards that of Jennifer Garner's 13 Going On 30 which is her first starring role in a comedic film.
Fox's Monday lineup will include two new one-hour series: "North Shore," a "Hotel"-ish melodrama about a posh Hawaiian hotel and the swanks who inhabit it; and Mark Burnett's latest reality venture, "The Casino," a behind-the-scenes look at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas as its owners try to bring it back to its Rat Pack glory days.

Tuesday's new drama series, "The Jury," from Barry Levinson ("Rain Man") and Tom Fontana ("Homicide: Life on the Street"), focuses on a jury trying to answer the questions posed by a trial. Facts of the case are shown to viewers in flashbacks; a final flashback after the verdict shows what really happened and whether the jurors made the right call.

A Wednesday comedy block includes Andy Richter as a dad of teenage quintuplet, the return of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie for "The Simple Life 2," and a scripted comedy starring Method Man and Redman as wealthy rappers who move into a ritzy gated community after which hilarity ensues at the expense of their strait-laced neighbors.

Fox is going to the dogs. As you can see, many shows will be canceled but 6 new shows that don't sound the least promising will take over. This is why they cancelled Wonderfalls? Crap I tell yah.


I'm famous!

My first "Google" search. Wow. That brought me about 97 hits, but all I really want are readers. I mean, I have a blog, I get some comments, but I want readers, people I know who read me.
For the first time, Japanese researchers have created a viable mouse via "virgin birth," or parthenogenesis -- that is, the offspring was derived solely from female genetic material contained in the mother's egg, without any contribution from a male animal. I think that's amazing, it does get me freaked though, I mean I dont want it soon to be Stepford People, all derived from technology and science. Aswell on that, a movie

Since Dolly, several scientists have cloned other animals, including cows and mice. Now, at Godsend, we have pioneered a technique that allows a cell nucleus from a recently deceased child to be implanted within a human egg, allowing a mother to carry that child to term again Godsend Institute has seemed to been getting questioned lately on whether it's real or clever marketing


Notice: Please be aware of spoilers.
Alias Episode Review

Alias was amazing episode tonight. Not for the fact that David Carradine plays a heavy Rimbaldi follower as well the man who told Sloane, his daughter was the passenger. I loved Vaughn and how he knew she had played him and began to act the same way. My moods were swinging when Sydney heard Vaughn lip smacking Ms. Eyebrows and my screams couldn't help Vaughn moments earlier when he was nearly compromised. I was ecstatic to finally see Vaughn show some colors, and try and save Sydney. I was mad at Jack, when Sloane was killed. Technically Sloane, was pronounced dead, and Jack brought him back to life because he "needed" him. I'm still weary on The Passenger. at vulgar cost, this woman will render the greatest power unto utter desolation that's what they say about Sydney (The Prophecy). So, what is Nadia (Passenger), pure evil? Or is evil the side we don't want it on. I mean do we want the passenger to stay alive, or do we want the prophecy to be killed? Isn't that cool their codenames are both P's? Irina is: Pleasantly Evil, Sloane is: Pompous, Jack is: pleasurable deceitful. I'm glad the family of 5 will be reunited.

They said Irina was returning, but to spoilers, the last 2 of 3 episodes she wont be in? She might not be in any 3. Aswell, in Alias Magazine they haven't confirmed if Alias will have a 3rd season.

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Gay Hip Hop
Asians, Caucasians and now gays sharing what African Americans seemed to mainstream? Well, it seems QBoy, the alter ego of a boy from Essex seems to be coming out. No pun intended. The man lately has been causing a stir in music everywhere. What's next to come? Everyone out there seems to be asking these days, seeing how gays are on television, in chapels,getting divorced, at the movies and even at sporting events. This isn't the end of the gays, and now with QBoy we seem to be releasing more energy and praise to them. Check out his official website.

In my opinion, I think it's fine and dandy. I don't want it to go mainstream, because gays ask for equality right? Well it seems they are getting God like treatment. And by mainstream, I just mean I don't want it in The US too much.

Quote from Gay Times interview
You are in a dark alley late at night. There's just you and Eminem. You fight him or fuck him? I think it would be only polite to offer him a blowjob.

I think the guy has great charisma, spunk and truth, but we have so much mediums for gays do we have to push the last part of music that's not claimed by gays to them? I'm not homophobe, I just want to be able to listen to you know, things about come shots and doggy style.


Kill Bill 2 was great. I did like Kill Bill 1 because of the whole scene when she kills all the Crazy 88's and how her and Oren banter. I did like Kill Bill 2 because without giving too much away, she gave more into her past, and aswell her real name isn't BLEAPED out like it always is. I just hated how the movie dragged on, I wanted it to go a little longer, and can I just say the ending was magnificent? BeBe is that how her name was said? That doesn't give away anything cause that's not "The Bride's" real name, that's someone entirely different. I give it a 9/10, it was more of a love story and survival tale. The 1st one was more of a lets make blood spill, have good eye candy, get Sonny Chiba to train Uma Thurman and basically lets make blood spill/spew out of limbs and cut wounds. I did want so much to see Darryl Hannah more though in the 1st one. And to whoever commented, I meant that she was in that in the 1st one. The second one she isn't AT all. Did anyone love Pai Mei?

Spoilers First:
-Here is to answer WHAT'S UP WITH JACK?
She will play Sydney's half sister aka "The Passenger"
-Wonderfalls has been confirmed fully canceled. They were going to possibly do a hiatus, but Fox has denied that.
-Jennifer Garner of Alias and soon 13 Going on 30 will reprise her role as Elektra in a self titled spin off. So far release is set for February 16-18, 2005.
-There will be a Xmen-3. Well it was just proposed but many are asking to keep their roles.
-Sarah Michelle Gellar will not be in the Angel episode that is focused on Sunnydale alumni. So far a movie for Buffy seems to be more ideal seeing how they feel there will be a larger "audience".
-Angel may have a spinoff.
-NBC says Joey may get the same time slot as Friends.

If all goes well, a TV movie about the life and death of Kurt Cobain will premier on the WB network sometime next season

I'm getting tired of it really. Courtney publishes his diaries, and now they will have a movie about him? I may have been 5 when he died, but leave the man alone. Let him rest in peace. Also, Helter Skelter a movie of Charles Manson and his followers is coming in May. I want to see that.


Dear Jet,
After hearing your great music and looking at the even greater sex appeal you guys are my pick for best new band. I just cant get enough of your songs, some dramatic and deep and other just great to dance and go crazy to.

Dear Febreeze,
After my mother bought you, our house no longer is filled with the smell of lavender shampoo and incense, it's now all with the downy smell, and the great attitude you've made us achieve. Aswell, you should see us on cleaning day, fighting over which room gets the most sprays.

Dear Beanie Baby Co,
Well after your industry in a way tanked, you have made a comeback with my littlest sister. Not only does Yunhee grab your Fluffie brand at every Hallmark we go to, she is just captivated by the new animals she sees. I mean, you helped us save many trips to the zoo by educating her with different species. Thank you BBC.


Every Thursday I do a feature or column on my blog called "Keeping With The Guide", it's all about what is going on in the Entertainment biz. So, lets start off.
Jet is one hot band to check out already in Blender and Entertainment Weekly, they are blowing up!

One hot magazine on stands to check out now is: Magnet
Thanks to the success of Newlyweds, and the Variety Hour the infamous Jessica Simpson, and hubby Nick Lachey seem to be getting, Jessica Simpson will be headlining VHI Diva's show. She hasn't even been out longer than 3 years right? Man, I should do that, ask about brand names, marry a lesser famous celeb hunk, and then headline a show.
NEW YORK (Court TV) -- Rapper Lil' Kim turned herself in to authorities Wednesday morning after being charged with lying to a grand jury about a three-year-old shootout between members of her entourage and those of rival rap duo Capone-N-Noreaga. First of all, if you're going to have a dispute do it with a duo, some people that aren't into underground rap may know, and second, in my opinion those eyebrows have a mind of their own.
BOSTON -- You can call it coincidence or call it clever marketing, but there really is an Onyx Hotel and Britney Spears is endorsing it.
Spears' current tour is called The Onyx Hotel, and a hotel by that name is opening soon in Boston.
Wow. Great job, supposedly the hotel will have a suite named after her. Oh, they better have a Wade Robson and Justin Timberlake look a likes so I can redo the whole experience of crying a river. And a chapel should be erected so that all who sleep in the suite get married to a stranger and then grab a quick annulment with the Morning News.
Kill Bill 2 seems already to be striking non-negative chords with critics. Probably cause Darryl Hannah is in this one, in a pirate meets nurse getup. Fantasies meet reality - or movie reality.


Nextel Communications has started selling wireless broadband service, as it looks to fend off competition from cable and DSL service providers.
The Nextel Wireless Broadband service provides customers with high-speed wireless Net access on desktops, notebooks, pocket PCs and other devices. The company said Wednesday that the service is limited for now to three North Carolina cities: Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. The carrier did not reveal future plans for the service.

Is it me, or is the reason most people get Nextel celluar phones is for that walkie talkie feature. I have seen family members with Nextel cursing out the terrible service from the towers, and how it gets ridiculously pricey when it comes to purchasing a plastic flip phone, that if dropped may never work again. Now they want to release a Wireless program? I think that is a little far fetched. Sprint PCS already does that with it actually ON the phone, and now Nextel wants to be a new company. Well, how do we know that the service and actual internet connection wont be crappier than a Texan man at an annual bean eating festival? We don't. I hope there is no future, but of course I was the one who questioned Mac when they started distributing them to our Elementary/Middle school. Now look at it, it has the shortest battery life on their MP3 player, high prices and still seems to be making money.

P.S.: Britney Spears is in talks to film a new reality show called OnTourage. She says it will be like The Real World, Simple Life and Madonna's Truth Or Dare special. Her representatives want 1 million an episode. That's a clean 6 million for just showing some dancers reactions to Europe, and steamy scenes. Reported to only be 30 minutes for each episode.


The independent commission investigating the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington highlighted a series of missteps and missed opportunities Tuesday by U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies in the months before September 11.

Well no duh. I cannot believe it took them this long to finally tell Bush what a botched up job he is doing. They as well did shout at the FBI's corner, for not investigating more into terrorists and making it their top priority. I'm glad too. The FBI shouldn't be blamed though, it is as well Bush's dumb fault for it all, he instead of just getting Saddam the fuck out, had to obviously taunt and throw us in war. Now, thanks to that finally the Iraqis are retaliating and even stole some Japanese people. Great, now the newest Zelda game wont be out. All joking aside, though, I wish they had seen the light far back. They could have spared America more deaths, and Iraqis a sense of freedom.

Hello. This is my first post on my blog. I decided to follow the legions of bloggers who are hosted by Blogspot. I am delighted to be here, and would love to give you my info.

I am Eunae, I'm 15 years old living in MI currently. I don't like to spell out the word, because it doesn't help me with coping. I really detest MI because moving from busy cultural NY/NJ area to a place that is so quiet and full of basically only Bosnians, African Americans, White Rednecks, White, and Vietnamese isn't a great deal to me. I am Korean Canadian mix, and am happy to be alive in such a catalyst world, called The US of A. I'm glad to be here, truly am.